The Value Code: How to Keep Patients for Life

One of the most misunderstood topics in the business world is value versus price. At the core of each and every client relationship is the value that you hold for them. This applies to medical esthetics, but also any other business you can think of. Value is a perception of your product or service by the customer.

Perceived value is greater than the price. The customer should feel that they are at an advantage in order to create a positive experience for that customer. This will help to build those strong, long-lasting client relationships every business owner wants.

Price is just a monetary cost. If you don’t offer anything to the product or the procedure to add value, clients will not be attracted to your specific business. Paying customers want more than just the advertised procedure. Your clients want to leave with a feeling. There are a multitude of ways to provide them with this feeling, such as going above and beyond in customer care.

To create compelling value, exceptional customer service is the number one tool. This goes beyond politeness. As a business owner, you want to be able to anticipate your clients needs and to go above and beyond in providing for them. Exceed their expectations and make them feel like they are deeply cared for.

There are many other strategies you can utilize to add value to your service. Offering unique treatments, creating an ambiance that is inviting and relaxing, and investing in professional staff are all factors that add value. When you add value, your clients leave feeling their best, and in turn, keep coming back to the business.


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