Sexual Health is a Vital Chapter in the Book of Well-Being

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Sexual Wellness

# of Treatments

1-2 per year recommended

Treatment Time:

1 hour


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The P-Shot in Bloomfield Hills, MI

Let’s Talk Sexual Wellness

Our Sexual Wellness solutions pave the path to a vibrant, connected and more pleasurable life, because sexual health is a vital chapter in your book of well-being..

What are the Benefits

Stronger, firmer erections

Improved Sexual Stamina

Increased penile length and girth

Resolution of Penile Pain with Erection

Increased Sensitivity in the Penis

Better Overall Blood Flow to the Penis

Let's Talk Sexual Wellness

How Does it Work?

The growth factors & proteins released by the high concentration of platelets in PRP in turn activate stems cells and stimulate cellular repair and regeneration wherever they are applied in the body. In addition, collagen production and the formation of new blood vessels occurs and further aids in tissue repair.

What is The P-Shot Used For?

The P-shot, short for priapus shot, helps to rejuvenate and enlarge the penis using platelet-derived growth factors in your own blood. The priapus shot stimulates tissue growth and new blood vessels to increase blood flow, resulting in an overall larger, stronger, and healthier organ.

Studies have shown that the P-Shot also increases pleasure and sensation in the penis. It can be used as a treatment for men that suffer erectile dysfunction

Expert Providers

Our expert Providers have many years of clinical experience and patient results in their portfolios. We work hard to stay on top of the latest advancements in functional & regenerative medicine and continue our professional education to improve your experience.

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