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# of Treatments Needed:

1 session every 6 months

Treatment Time:

10 Minutes



Dermal Fillers in Bloomfield Hills, MI

Let’s Talk Dermal Fillers

Normal aging has a large impact on your skin’s resilience and bounce as collagen and elastin production slows down. Collagen and elastin support skin structure, so a decrease in both naturally leads to volume loss, skin laxity, thin skin, and line formation.

With dermal fillers in Bloomfield Hills at Beauty Culture Med Spa, the goal is to correct the separations in tissues that create these skin concerns. Dermal filler is versatile; we can use it as an anti-aging treatment or to enhance facial features. We can help you transform your skin while prioritizing natural-looking and rejuvenating results.

Dermal Fillers

What it Treats


Thin Skin

Signs of Aging

Jawline Sculpting/Contouring

Cupid’s Bow

Tear Troughs / Hollow Under eyes

Lip Lines

Cheek Lift

Hollow Temples

Nasolabial Folds

Prior Filler Correction

Types of Dermal Fillers


The JUVÉDERM® family offers an array of dermal fillers that fill in wrinkles and add volume to hollow areas. The different consistencies of these formulas are effective in virtually every region of the face. They are specifically designed to lessen the appearance of wrinkles and add volume where needed.


Voluma is a dermal filler that works wonderfully as a non-surgical cheek lift. It’s a cost-effective alternative with no downtime!


Volbella works best in hollow tear troughs to create a more refreshed, rested look. The only bags you should have are the designer ones in your closet, not the ones under your eyes! Other techniques our filler specialists love Volbella for are in cupid’s bow for sculpting and treating smoker’s lines across the upper lip.


There isn’t much Vollure doesn’t do! It’s great at replacing volume lost just about anywhere—cheeks, tear troughs, lips, marionette lines, nasolabial folds, hollowed temples. It also helps us sculpt the jawline.


Offering up immediate gratification, the Restylane family of products lifts the skin and smoothes out flattened areas, giving you toned and balanced definition around the eyes, mid-face, and lips. With regular treatments, Restylane products may even improve collagen production, naturally countering signs of aging.

At Beauty Culture Med Spa, we offer Lyft, Silk, Defyne, and Redefyne.