Skin Deep: Alisa Lask & The Exosome Revolution

We’re welcoming Alisa Lask, the CEO of Rion Aesthetics, to the show today. She has over two decades of experience in this industry, spanning across pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and cosmeceuticals. Our focus in today’s discussion is Rion’s revolutionary ( plated ) Skin Science products. You’ll know by listening to this episode that the future is here.

When she ventured into skincare, Alisa thought exosomes were useless because of her science-based background. After a doctor that she trusts really recommended them, Alisa used them for 5 months and realized that the science behind them is amazing.

After explaining what exactly exosomes are, Alisa takes us through the different ( plated ) Skin Science offerings from Rion. Some of the most common feedback about ( plated ) is appreciation of the source material of the product being so transparent. Also, providers are saying that by using this product, they’re able to simplify skincare routines.

Exosomes are so extremely small, and very sophisticated machinery is needed to extract them properly for use on your skin. Rion’s products do not contain anything else, such as DNA, which is quite mind-blowing given their size.

There are a lot more exciting things coming from Rion, and Alisa provides a timeline of what we can expect. Still, they’re focused on not getting too big too fast. Their long-term goal is to help advance aesthetics, especially in the regenerative space. Stimulating tissue to grow collagen and elastin on its own is so much more effective than using filler.