Gentle Resurfacing for More Youthful Skin

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Facial Treatment

# of Treatments Needed:

1 as needed for maintenance

Treatment Time:

30 to 45 minutes


Depends on depth of treatment

Chemical Peels in Bloomfield Hills, MI

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Over time, skin can become dull, dry, and textured from a buildup of dead skin cells. Your skin is always regenerating, but sometimes it needs some extra help to bring those new skin cells to the surface. When you exfoliate away dead skin cells, it reveals brighter, more youthful skin. One of the most gentle ways to exfoliate is through a Vi Peel in Bloomfield Hills, MI at Beauty Culture Med Spa.

A Vi Peel uses specific ingredients to clear away dead skin cell buildup on the face, neck, or hands. For those with acne or sensitive skin, a chemical peel is oftentimes a better option than abrasive physical exfoliation. Learn details about our Vi Peel process below.

What it Treats

Fine lines and wrinkles

Brown spots

Sun damage

Poor texture



Enlarged pores


How It Works

Step 1: Consultation

Before your Vi Peel in Bloomfield Hills, MI, you’ll meet with a Beauty Culture specialist for an in-depth skin consultation. We’ll learn about your areas of concern and goals with this treatment. We also use VISIA skin analysis to get a detailed look at your skin. Your provider will create a custom treatment plan for your needs using this information.


How It Works

Step 2: Vi Peel Treatment

For your treatment, we’ll cleanse and prep the skin. Your specialist will apply the Vi Peel products to your skin and wait the appropriate amount of time for the depth of treatment.


How It Works

Step 3: Post-Care

After your treatment, we’ll go over specific aftercare instructions to ensure rapid healing and optimal results from your chemical peel.

Benefits of a Chemical Peel

Gentle Exfoliation

Though chemical peels deeply exfoliate your skin, the treatment itself is very gentle. The product breaks down dead skin cells instead of physically exfoliating them away, with less chances of skin irritation.

Rejuvenating Results

Vi Peels can reveal glowing, more youthful skin. Because they encourage new skin cells to form, they produce rejuvenating results.

Expert Providers

Our providers at Beauty Culture Med Spa have years of experience in medical aesthetics. We continue our professional development to always provide the best techniques for our patients.

Patient Results

Results from a Vi Peel in Bloomfield Hills, MI

View patient results from this one-of-a-kind peel.

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