The Power of Authenticity – Strategic Partnerships with Amber Edwards

A strategic partnership can move your business into a whole other stratosphere. To explain this further, we’re talking to Amber Edwards today. She is the Global Head of Alastin Skincare, which is the fastest growing skincare brand and also has a commitment to innovation.

Amber shares how she is responsible for driving strategic growth, innovation, and assuring Alastin is known for the value they bring through their products. The most important responsibility for her today is global expansion and integration regarding strategic partnerships.

Alastin was acquired by Galderma at the end of 2021, giving Amber first-hand experience and insight into building prosperous business relationships. Amber believes in creating a synergistic fit with culture.

Strategic partnerships in the aesthetics industry offer some key benefits. When you come together and learn together, you can make your product or service better. You can also come up with creative solutions to each other’s problems, as well as provide products and services to each other to work in a mutually beneficial way.

Amber believes there are some key qualities to look for when seeking out a partnership. Having aligned core values is an important foundation. Look for authenticity in their passion and enthusiasm. Respecting each other’s company culture and how you each like to work will keep a partnership running smoothly, too. Be willing to take accountability when there are bumps in the road, and find a partner who will do the same. Authentic connection and communication lead to a symbiotic partnership, and these partnerships will help your business flourish.


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