No More Nordstroms: Crafting a Bespoke Client Experience

If you’ve faced challenges in your business, you’ll know that confronting difficulties is a great motivator to gain more business knowledge. It inspires us to improve how we operate and continue better than before. This leads to discovering actionable steps to create a truly memorable client experience.

One of these vitally important actionable steps is conducting one-on-one conversations with your team members. Your employees have insight and a unique perspective that makes their feedback about how the business is running invaluable. Allow your team members to hone in on what really makes them happy, and they will shine and be able to develop their own unique abilities.

Another crucial actionable step is to focus on your top clients – the individuals who make up the top 20% of your business income. Cater to those high value customers who spend the most money. Offer memberships to reward people who are already bought in. When you make these clients the focus of your business, you will build incredibly strong and mutually beneficial relationships.

In order to create real improvement, it’s absolutely necessary to double down on what truly adds value, and that will always be the relationships you have with your team members and your clients. This will open the doors for exponential growth in your business.

When you focus on your team and show them you support them, they are better equipped to support their clients. When you focus on your most valuable clients, they will return again and again, allowing your team members to build extraordinary relationships with those clients. This creates a positive feedback loop that will create an aligned and unique company culture that everyone will want to be a part of.


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