Navigating the Growing Pains of Leadership with Emotional Intelligence

The practice of aesthetic medicine is about more than just delivering a medical service. The answer is not always injecting Botox. There’s a lot of body dysmorphic disorder in our world, and sometimes the treatment is to refer a client to someone that can help them more than we can.

Besides the use of emotional intelligence with clients, it’s also a very important skill when interacting with our staff. Right now, my business is going through massive change that will ultimately benefit everyone on our team. However, the phase of transition doesn’t feel good for everyone at the beginning. People that have been with me since day one might feel like their influence on the company isn’t as important as it expands.

Because of the concerns from my team, I implemented a time management system. Additionally, we recently did a company values workshop to emphasize and maintain our core values as we grow.

Another thing I’ve done to combat this fear is to celebrate milestones and successes. It’s really exciting to feel like we’re making valuable contributions to the company’s successes and wins, but also that individuals are recognized. There are a lot of challenges as you grow and expand. Recognize that you can fail as you’re growing, but scaling is where you can replicate people that are so incredible.

Clarity in these times of growing pain has been so powerful. We’re all leaders in many parts of our lives. Remember that you can lean into the change. Any time you meet resistance, what does that tell you?


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