Maximizing Your Time: A Productivity-Focused Conversation with a Time Management Coach Who Adds Missing Key Components

Today we’re welcoming our very first guest onto the podcast: Brad Telepo. Brad is a time management coach and is responsible for streamlining the inner workings of Beauty Culture. As your business grows, it’s easy to get buried in the business, which Brad knows how to overcome.

If you started your business with time freedom in mind only to realize you have little time to do what you love, it’s time to make a mindset shift. Your business needs to run well without you. Otherwise, you’ll have little space to reflect on your business and water your creative ideas.

It all starts with setting up your business to be able to scale it. The right structure keeps you from imploding; being unable to handle the business you have or completely running out of steam. Despite this being a common belief, setting structure and creating a foundation in your business doesn’t make it more rigid. It actually creates more freedom.

It can be tempting to hope that the technology you’re using will help set the right systems in place. The truth is the platform matters much less than your own behavior. You need to have clear agreements in your business that make it leak-proof.

Getting team buy-in when it comes to systems and change starts with a conversation. Be clear on what the “why” is for the business and for the individual team member. You have to get out of your head and get your business set into a system you can trust.


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