Know Your Worth: Why Raising Your Prices is Good for Business and Patients Alike

As a business owner, you should know the benefits of raising your prices and why you should do it. If this sounds intimidating, know that it’s not about price gouging people because of inflation, it’s about representing your value. Pricing your services at the proper value is beneficial for you and your clients.

The way we’ve managed value has changed a lot over time. For example, think back to when we used to barter or exchange goods as currency. We’ve come a long way. But at the end of the day, the truth remains: Price is what you pay, value is what you get.

So, we’re left with this question: How do you increase your value so that you can charge more, and make that your obvious option? First, you have to embody this increase in value. In medical aesthetics, suggested retail plays a large role in setting your prices. Most business owners compare themselves to others and price in a way that keeps them competitive.

Being known as the cheapest option is certainly an approach, but it may not be the best one. Your ideal clients won’t care if you’re the least expensive, but they will care if you’re known for providing the most value. Understanding and emphasizing the quality of your services and team is where it starts.

Great results, customizability, and setting expectations for the outcome is what your clients really care about. You’re not just selling a service or units of Botox—you’re delivering on a promise. In the end, it’s not about the price tag, but rather what you’re offering.


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