How I Turned Crisis Into My Biggest Business Win

Vulnerability is an important tool to reflect on our past disappointments in order to guide the journey of the learning process. While it can be difficult to share honestly about the challenges we face, these challenges will ultimately shape who we are. Not just as business owners, but as leaders and individuals.

Experiencing betrayal in our personal lives is inevitable, but when it occurs in our professional life, it can be incredibly jarring. If you’ve ever experienced a breach of trust, finding yourself on the precipice of an emotional chasm, know that you are not alone.

Despite our best efforts to build a solid team, we ultimately can’t control the decisions of others, nor can we read their minds to completely understand their intentions. In the aftermath, you may be faced with a fractured team and a sense of loss for that trust. While most of the advice you will get from others in the wake of this situation will be to create a legal fortress around your business, it’s vital to restore trust, as well as to see and treat your team as your number one priority.

Have one-on-one meetings with your team members. Not as an evaluation of their skills, but as an invitation to them to have you hear from them what they need. Provide for your team members beyond financial compensation, because that doesn’t assure cohesion. From these meetings you can come together to celebrate a shared vision that is larger, has greater purpose, and is founded on deeper, more meaningful connections.

You can reflect on your trails to ultimately become stronger as a business owner and team overall. Problems and challenges will arise, but go forth with the knowledge that they are being faced by a more experienced leader.


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