Digging Deeper: Unleashing Freedom & Innovation in Business with Kaeli Lindholm

The aesthetics sector is outpacing other sectors in growth, and women are driving this growth. Yet, women remain underrepresented in business. Today we welcome Kaeli Lindholm, CEO and founder of KLC consulting. Kaeli has a background in working with manufacturers of aesthetics, and she is passionate in helping women like herself who could have used the type of support she now offers when she first started out.

There is a new paradigm in the aesthetics industry, and success does not mean just high revenue anymore. Women entrepreneurs are driven by impact, building fruitful and supportive relationships, and job satisfaction. The way that women choose to operate their businesses in today’s society is different from the past. Their excitement resonates in the service they provide, not simply the revenue they bring in.

This is where the concept of “disruptive philosophy” comes into play. It is the ability to think critically and creatively when problem solving, and to come up with new solutions to old problems. Growth is just doing more for the business, which has limits.

Scaling is increasing revenue without spending more time and energy. Being able to scale your business will give you a measure of success that constantly giving all your time and energy to the day-to-day never can.

Evolving your business requires evolving yourself. Having system management tools is important in order to scale, but what is even more vital is becoming the person who can take their business to the next level. The curiosity and desire to learn how to be a great leader is a great indicator that you are ready to take the plunge to set your business up to scale.

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