The Shape of Beauty

In the motor city, bodies are shaped for speed, looks, and style. But we’re not talking about cars! Beauty Culture is here to help everyone love the shape of their body with the most versatile body shaping treatments in Detroit. Keep reading to shape your beauty with the cultured specialists who care!

What can you shape?

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? You may see a little more tummy than you’d like, or a some wiggle in your underarms, but Beauty Culture sees beyond that. We see potential in every person who trusts our practice. 

That’s why every treatment starts with an in-depth conversation. Here are a few common areas of concern that get us talking about body shaping in Detroit!


Toning up your arms goes beyond what you see in the mirror! Many everyday tasks involve your arms. Carrying groceries to opening jars, and even using your phone all become effortless with stronger forearms and a better grip.

Believe it or not, strong arms also contribute to better overall balance, improved coordination and feeling more sure-footed! Toned arms can help improve bone density, reducing the risk of osteoporosis later in life. With our body shaping in Detroit, we can shape your arms to give you the confidence boost you want and the capability your daily life needs!



The core of many patients’ ideal bodies is their bellies! Days, weeks, and years at the gym can feel like futile exercise if you’re not seeing gains in your midsection. But at Beauty Culture, we help our patients understand key aspects that may be holding back results.

Sugary drinks and processed foods are often low in nutrients and high in calories, which can contribute to a calorie surplus. When you consume more calories than you burn, your body stores the excess calories as fat. To counteract this, our specialists can help you shape healthy habits alongside your body shaping plan in Detroit!

Building Cultured Balance

Legs and Butt

A toned tushy and amazing legs mean a lot more than just great-fitting jeans! This is the largest muscle group in your body, which is why these muscles play a huge role in your overall function, posture, and metabolism. There’s a lot more at stake when it comes to body shaping in Detroit at Beauty Culture! We focus on helping our patients function and feel their absolute best while loving the way they look in the mirror.

Tools of Our Culture

So how does our practice help patients shape their ideal body? While proper diet and exercise are always a great place to start, we help patients reach their goals with advanced tech too! Here are some of our most popular options for body shaping in Detroit.

Emculpt NEO

To burn fat and tone muscle, Emsculpt NEO is our go-to treatment! Using the power of electromagnetic energy and radio frequencies, this revolutionary technology is helping thousands of people reach their body goals naturally and painlessly. Here’s how this device helps us achieve amazing results!


E-mazing Science

Emsculpt NEO uses RF energy to heat up targeted fat cells. This heat disrupts fat cells which causes them to be eliminated by the body’s natural processes. Emsculpt NEO also uses HIFEM technology to deliver intense electromagnetic pulses to the underlying muscles. These pulses manually contract muscle fibers. This combination produces similar effects as a high intensity workout without ever having to break a sweat!

Natural Benefits

Essentially, this treatment is like doing 20,000 crunches in less than an hour. That’s thanks to the contractions stimulated by HIFEM technology. Every contraction causes muscles to adapt and rebuild, which leads to increased muscle mass and strength with every treatment! Clinical studies have actually shown an average of 25% increase in muscle thickness.

To let all that muscle shine through, the RF heating preps the fat cells for breakdown and helps the HIFEM work more efficiently. That means with every session, your results only compound over time! Studies show an average of 30% reduction in subcutaneous fat. As amazing as Emsculpt NEO is, Beauty Culture doesn’t stop there! 

Sylfirm X

As we provide the most advanced body shaping in Detroit with Emsculpt NEO, we also recommend advanced ways to tighten skin! That’s because even the best bodies in the world aren’t anything without beautiful skin to show it! To tighten up our patients’ looks with advanced science, we recommend Sylfirm X.


X-Rated Science

The Sylfirm X device uses a specialized head containing ultrafine needles. These needles create controlled micro-wounds in the skin. These wounds then trigger the body’s natural healing process, to jumpstart collagen and elastin production. Both of these give skin its structure and elasticity. Microneedling firms and tightens skin naturally, but when paired with radio frequencies, this treatment takes benefits to the next level!

Sylfirm X also uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to disrupt skin cells deeper in the skin. This effective energy heats up the tissue, which stimulates collagen production and tightens the skin. We trust Sylfirm X as one of the most effective, natural and minimally invasive ways to tighten skin and improve the results of your body shaping in our office near Detroit!

Hyperdiluted Radiesse

This amazing dermal filler can be used virtually anywhere on the body. From your face to your flanks, our specialists can tailor your Radiesse injections wherever they’re needed. One of the most popular options using Radiesse injections includes a hyperdiluted formula to lift and tone your thighs and butt!

With Radiesse booty shaping, you can enjoy results as a standalone treatment, or maximize your gluteus with Sylfirm X and Emsculpt NEO! Regardless of your goals, Beauty Culture is here to provide the best body shaping in Detroit. 

Loving the Shape of You

Now that you know the science behind our body-shaping options in Detroit, let’s discuss how we shape your future at Beauty Culture! While no two treatment plans are identical, every transformation starts with a conversation. Here’s how we help patients fall in love with their shape all over again! 


To talk over your treatment plan, your specialist will take a deep dive into everything from your lifestyle and budget to your overall health and goals. At Beauty Culture, there are no cookie-cutter plans because there are no cookie-cutter people! We get real with every patient about their concerns and make sure we engage in meaningful dialogue about your goals. These are some of the most common questions we answer when it comes to body shaping in Detroit.


“What’s your experience with these treatments?”

We trust these options both personally and professionally every day. Every treatment at Beauty Culture is hand-selected by Jessica Christy PA-C, our founder. She not only trusts these treatments for her patients, she trusts them with her own aesthetics as well! 

As a professional, Jessica loves that these treatments provide amazing results with minimal pain and downtime. She enjoys the fast treatment time that fits these treatments into her busy schedule as a mom, entrepreneur and thought leader.

“Does body shaping hurt?”

The pulses from Emsculpt NEO may feel a little odd at first, but never painful. 

And before every Sylfirm X treatment, we apply a topical gel to ensure total comfort throughout your microneedling treatment. We carefully select every treatment we offer to ensure maximum comfort and results! 

“Is Emsculpt NEO for weight loss?”

While it does help burn fat and tone muscle, Emsculpt NEO is not a weight loss treatment. The primary goal is to strengthen and tone your muscles for a more defined appearance. If you’re looking for true, lasting weight loss, we’re happy to build a complete Cultured Balance weight loss plan to reach your goals!


With every question asked and answered, it’s time to get down to the treatment! After your consultation, we’ll schedule your initial session to fit right into your schedule. Since both treatments can take less than two hours with no downtime, there’s no need to plan your day around them. But we won’t tell if you take a long lunch! Here’s what you can expect from your body-shaping appointment in Detroit! 

Emsculpt NEO

On the day of your Emsculpt NEO session, we’ll check you in and escort you back to our comfortable treatment room. There we’ll apply a contact gel to ensure total comfort and answer any last-minute questions you may have. We’ll then strap the Emsculpt NEO paddle to your pre-determined treatment area and begin your session. 


Throughout your session, you’ll feel a little heat and a pulsing sensation as your muscles contract. These contractions may feel a little odd initially, but never uncomfortable. If you ever feel any discomfort during your session, let your specialist know so that we can adjust the device’s settings accordingly. We’ll treat each desired area for up to 30 minutes, and address multiple areas in one session.

Sylfirm X

As you experience the benefits of body shaping in Detroit with Emsculpt NEO, your plan may also include Sylfirm X to tighten loose skin. In these sessions, we’ll also apply a topical gel to ensure maximum comfort and results. 

During your Sylfirm X session, you’ll likely feel a slight buzzing feeling and a warming sensation. Throughout your appointment, we’ll periodically check in to make sure you’re completely comfortable and adjust your treatment accordingly. Typical treatments for Sylfrim X last an hour and a half; the only side effects are occasional redness and swelling immediately after your treatment. 


These dermal filler injections are pretty straightforward which makes this a great lunchtime treatment! We’ll start by applying a topical anesthetic on each treatment area for for total comfort. The only thing our patients feel during each injection is a dull pinch. In 90 minutes you’ll be able to get right back to your day! Some bruising/soreness/redness may occur following your injections but these symptoms will subside within a few days. 


The best part about these body shaping treatments in Detroit is that they require no downtime! This ensures that these solutions can fit into almost every schedule. To help everyone make true beauty a lifestyle, we ensure convenient, effective treatments with every visit! 

After every appointment, we encourage you to up your skincare game with our great products and discuss additional options with our specialists. As a part of the Beauty Culture, our patients get expert recommendations and top-shelf options to feel and look their best every day!


Shape Cultured Contours

If you’re ready to shape the future of your body, Beauty Culture is here for you! Start loving the look function and feel of your body with an in-person consultation. Schedule your appointment to get the conversation started. Or start building your personalized plan from the comfort of your couch with our virtual tool!

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