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While many weight loss clinics in Detroit focus on getting results as quickly as possible, Beauty Culture takes a different approach. Instead of harsh workouts and dangerous diets, we focus on healthy, lasting results. Dive in to learn what makes Beauty Culture your ideal partner in your weight loss journey!

Our Approach to Weight Loss

No two people are the same, so neither are our weight loss programs! To build the most effective Cultured Balance plan for you, we start by getting to know you from the inside out!

In-Depth Consultations

During your initial consultation, we’ll discuss your health history and any pressing concerns. We’ll also conduct a thorough analysis of key biomarkers to build your benchmarks and learn about your biology. 

This includes an InBody570 scan and comprehensive lab testing. With detailed readings, our specialists can recommend the right solutions to help you reach your goals. What sets Beauty Culture apart from other weight loss clinics in Detroit is how our team works together. Cultured Balance programs include diet and fitness counseling alongside medical weight loss solutions.

Fully Customized Programs

As you build your customized program with Beauty Culture’s weight loss experts, we’ll work to pair healthy choices with the best medical weight loss tools on the market. Here’s how our medical minds use every tool at our disposal to promote lasting, effective weight loss: 


To regulate hunger and lower your blood sugar, we use semaglutide, one of the most well-known medical weight loss injections. These injections regulate your GLP-1 receptors to control hormones related to hunger and insulin production. While some weight loss clinics in Detroit solely prescribe semaglutide, Beauty Culture takes things much further for our patients.

Additional Treatments

Throughout our 8-week Cultured Wellness program, we pair semaglutide with key vitamins, supplements, and therapies. Weekly B12 injections help to maintain your energy levels and metabolism. We’ll also include 2 IV therapy sessions to ensure optimal nutrient levels throughout your program. 

Comprehensive Care

As patients find balance throughout our program, they get the full support of our office to feel their absolute best. Jessica Christy, PA-C leads our team of medical and aesthetic specialists to provide the most comprehensive care of any weight loss clinic. This is the defining factor that makes such an impact on our patients. 


During weight loss, the body releases endogenous toxins. To limit the impact of these dangerous toxins, we recommend a clinically proven detoxing program. We trust Quicksilver Scientific’s 3-phase push-catch model to promote completely natural detoxification.

Continuous Support

Cultured Wellness programs also include continuous encouragement and support from our entire team. From building your ideal workout to making sure your diet stays on track, we’re fully committed to everyone who trusts our practice. Deep connections for lasting results are what make Beauty Culture the ideal weight loss clinic in Detroit and a whole lot more!   

Aesthetics Meet Wellness

What truly sets Beauty Culture apart is our continuous devotion to helping all of our patients feel and look their absolute best. Dramatic weight loss transformations aren’t the only thing we’re known for! We combine the best of holistic wellness and advanced aesthetics to make sure our patients look as good as they feel. Browse the best additions to your Cultured Wellness plan with our treatment builder!

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Your ideal weight loss clinic in Detroit is waiting! Our unmatched devotion and expertise make Beauty Culture your best option to live a healthier, happier life. To finally love the way you look and feel better than ever, it just takes a few clicks! Schedule your in-person consultation to experience our culture of total wellness.

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