Beauty in a Bucket: Navigating Growth, Competition, and Relationships in the Aesthetics Business

In this episode we’re going to talk about three ways that people respond to you when you’re in a growth phase. The growth can be personally, spiritually, in your career, and more. As you are on a path of personal transformation, the reactions of others may make you question yourself.

The first way that people may respond is the cheerleader. These are the people who see your growth and are genuinely inspired, plus they don’t really compare themselves to you. Cheerleaders will likely be people who have walked a similar path, or they could be from the small sector of people that are just naturally so kind.

Next up is the eclipser. These people find your growth to be too much to handle, and they don’t necessarily drag you down, but they slowly exit your life. They’re probably friends or family members that are comfortable with the old you and think the new you is intimidating.

Finally, there’s the crab mentality. If there is a bucket of crabs and one tries to climb out, the others will literally drag the escapee back down. This is a natural phenomenon, not just a metaphor. This mentality from people you know can be overt, but it can also be very subtle, such as a passive aggressive comment here and there. If you do manage to escape the “bucket,” it can bring upon existential loneliness that comes with the territory.

Navigating this loneliness is key. You have to develop mental resilience that filters out discouragement. Meditation, journaling, expressing gratitude, and setting really clear boundaries are great ways to strengthen yourself. Also, when you see someone jumping to the next level, be sure to become their cheerleader.


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