A Letter to My Younger Self and How Hater’s Words Weigh You Down

I’ve noticed that as my businesses have grown, the cheers of support have started to wane. Not because my achievements are unworthy, but because my rise has triggered envy in some. I’ve come to realize that my success serves as a mirror, reflecting back the dreams others have shelved. This tough realization is what I’m discussing in this episode, along with how it led me to understand that my journey is about me and not about others.

Bernard Baruch’s quote, “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind,” has guided me through this journey. It’s a liberating philosophy that has taught me not to care so much about what others think. It’s easy to get caught up in justifying your actions to others, but if you are content with your success, you won’t feel the need to disparage others or their success.

Focusing on customers and the services I provide has been my key to success. Winners focus on winning, and in our field, focusing on the patients is the way to win. Competitors who focus on you are missing the mark because they are not focusing on their customers.

In the world of aesthetics, the pie is much larger than anyone perceives it to be. Scarcity is often a mindset, not a reality. It’s about fostering an abundance mindset. This mindset, regardless of the situation, brings abundance to your life. So, focus on your race, at your pace, and keep moving forward with a team that believes in your vision.

This journey is yours. It’s personal, unique, and beautiful. Keep your head high, your spirit unshaken, and your heart open to those who truly support you.