Why IMPACT is My Favorite Core Value

In this episode, we’re talking about the core value of impact and why it’s so important. What impact does your environment have on you? How about the team and people around you. How are they impacting you? Increasing your impact as a leader and keeping values at the forefront of your mind is crucial.

It’s Jessica’s job to trickle the core values down to the team because they all impact each other. Not only that, but they also have an effect on their clients too. Having a strong, positive impact only helps to elevate the business as you set the example of how to move through this industry. Having a clear vision and direction inspires team members to work towards common goals.

If everyone is walking into work unhappy due to a toxic environment, you’re not fostering unity. Leaders have to make decisions, sometimes hard decisions, to navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities.

A strong leader creates and maintains a strong brand image. This involves matching with the right clients, strategic partners, and talented team members. But one of the worst moves a leader can make is micromanaging. No one likes to be micromanaged, and it just hinders productivity. People want to be led, but not in a way that’s overbearing.

Poor communication from leadership can lead to misunderstanding, confusion, and wasted resources. But it’s never too late to put systems and processes in place to support your team members and your business. You can create unity by leveraging your impact and bringing your team together successfully.