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Facial Treatment

# of Treatments Needed:

3 to 5 treatments; Varies from patient to patient

Treatment Time:

1 hour



Microneedling in Bloomfield Hills, MI

Let’s Talk Microneedling

Skin texture can come from extensive sun damage, acne or traumatic scars, enlarged pores, and other environmental factors. Poor skin texture is difficult to cover with makeup, which can sometimes texture, and many patients have a hard time improving it with at-home skincare products alone. Your best bet to significantly improve your skin texture is collagen induction therapy.

Beauty Culture Med Spa’s microneedling in Bloomfield Hills, MI is a treatment designed to improve signs of aging and other forms of skin texture. We use your skin’s natural healing process to trigger skin cell turnover and collagen production, smoothing your skin from within.

What it Treats

Crow’s Feet

Smile Lines

Frown Line

Neck Lines

Aging Skin

Acne or Traumatic Scars



How It Works

Step 1: Consultation

Before your treatment with microneedling in Bloomfield Hills, MI, you’ll meet with a Beauty Culture microneedling specialist to assess your needs. We’ll examine your skin using VISIA analysis, discuss your areas of concern, and desired results. Using this information, your provider will design a custom microneedling treatment plan for you.


How It Works

Step 2: Microneedling Treatment

We’ll prep your skin with a topical anesthetic then begin the treatment using the microneedling handpiece. It uses tiny needles across your skin to create controlled, targeted micro-injuries, kickstarting the natural healing and regeneration process.


How It Works

Step 3: Post-Care

Your microneedling specialist will go over aftercare details with you to minimize recovery time and maximize results.

Benefits of a Microneedling

Improved Texture

With the physical stimulation of collagen production and new skin cell growth, you’ll notice better, smoother skin texture after microneedling in Bloomfield Hills, MI at Beauty Culture Med Spa.

Personalized Treatments

As with all of our services at Beauty Culture, we’ll customize your microneedling treatment plan for your skin for the best results possible.

Expert Providers

Our providers at Beauty Culture Med Spa have years of experience in medical aesthetics. We continue our professional development to always provide the best techniques for our patients.

Patient Results

Results from Microneedling in Bloomfield Hills, MI

View our microneedling patients’ before and after results.

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