A Resurfacing Laser Tailored To You

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# of Treatments Needed:

Typically 1 session; varies between patients

Treatment Time:

45 Minutes


Varies depending on depth of treatment

erbium laser in Bloomfield Hills, MI

Let’s Talk Contour TRL

Your skin changing with age is completely natural. The settling in of lines and wrinkles and skin sagging or becoming lax, and textural issues are top concerns for patients. While good skincare and sun protection are always beneficial to your skin, correcting structural concerns is where professional resurfacing treatments come in.

Our Contour TRL™ erbium laser in Bloomfield Hills, MI at Beauty Culture Med Spa is one of our most customizable laser procedures for the epidermis and dermis. TRL stands for Tunable Resurfacing Laser, meaning this procedure is highly customizable for each patient. This allows us to set specific parameters for desired results, time for recovery, and unique patient needs.

Contour TRL Laser

What it Treats

Mild to deep wrinkles

Persistent Peri-Oral and Peri-Orbital Deep Rhytides

Acne Scars

Post-Traumatic or Surgical Scars

Actinic Keratoses

Pigmented Lesions

Skin Laxity


Uneven Skin Tone


How It Works

Step 1: Consultation

Before your treatment with our erbium laser in Bloomfield Hills, MI, you’ll meet with a Beauty Culture laser specialist for a consultation. We will discuss your areas of concerns and goals with this treatment and use VISIA skin analysis to get an in-depth look at your skin’s condition. After determining that Contour TRL is right for you, we’ll design a custom treatment plan recommendation.


How It Works

Step 2: Contour IRL Treatment

Before your treatment session, we’ll prep your skin with a topical anesthetic for your comfort. Your specialist will choose the correct settings according to your treatment plan and use the erbium laser handpiece over the treatment areas. The laser works precisely for the desired results tailored to you.


How It Works

Step 3: Post-Care

After your treatment, your provider will go over details for aftercare to expedite recovery time and maximize your results.

Benefits of Contour TRL

Treats All Skin Types

Since the settings of our erbium laser in Bloomfield Hills are so customizable, we can tailor this treatment to all skin types.

Works on the Face & Body

Contour TRL can treat the face, neck, chest, and other areas of the body for deep skin rejuvenation.

Expert Providers

Our laser specialists have many years of clinical experience and patient results in our portfolio. We work hard to stay on top of the latest advancements in skin laser technology and continue our professional education.

Patient Results

Results from Contour TRL erbium laser in Bloomfield Hills, MI

From subtle transformations to deep skin remodeling, patients love the results from Contour TRL.

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