The Roadmap to Health: Functional Lab and Genetic Testing with Dr. Kim Bruno

Today we’re welcoming Dr. Kim Bruno, the Clinical Director and Medical Science Liaison for Vibrant Wellness, which is a cutting-edge functional lab testing facility renowned for its work with very complex patients. In this episode, our main focus is the often-overlooked subject of oxidative stress and how it differs from inflammation in our bodies.

Dr. Bruno shares details about her husband’s battle with chronic illness, which serves as a reminder that behind every diagnosis is a human being with a unique health narrative. Her transition from patient care to education and lab testing is a compelling example of the breadth of impact one can have in the field of medicine.

We learn about the groundbreaking oxidative stress panel from Vibrant Wellness, which marks a new era in personalized healthcare. Then, Dr. Bruno explains genetic SNPs and the necessity of individualized health strategies, showing the importance of patient-provider collaboration. It’s clear that strategic testing and patient education are essential to demystify complex health conditions and foster adherence to treatment.

Understanding oxidative stress is vital, and it plays an integral role in healthcare protocols. We explore its implications for gut health, cardiovascular wellness, and autoimmune treatments, acknowledging the power of functional lab tests to guide personalized care.

Wrapping up the episode, the focus shifts to autoimmune conditions and the burgeoning interest in immune health. The pandemic has indeed sparked a renewed quest for understanding the root causes of health issues, and functional lab tests are the keys to unlocking these mysteries, offering a clear pathway for patient wellness.


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