Sprayology EveryDay Sunshine






  • This NEW Formula combines Vegan D3 + K2. The nutrients in this formula have been shown to be beneficial for:
  • - Bone Health
  • - Mood Improvement
  • - Immune Support
  • - Calcium Absorption & Bone Growth
  • - Heart Health
  • Recommended for: Ages 4 and up. Especially important for adult men, women, people of color and those who are exposed to limited sunshine. Multiple studies have sited the importance of vitamins D3 to support the immune system and for reducing the severity of Covid-19 symptom if contracted. One month adult supply when taken as directed. RDA (daily dose) is 2000IU which is equivalent to 50 mcg as labelled. Citrus-Mango Flavor that tastes great and is easy to use!

Size: 1.38 oz