Embracing Your Journey – Gratitude for Your Past and Embracing Your Future

How would it change your life if you knew there were no aspects of your past that disqualify you from what you want in your future? This episode of Curated Beauty is all about learning to not just accept your past, but own it. If you own your past, you can own your future.

Realizing that your past is your most valuable asset will help you have gratitude for what you have experienced, no matter what that looks like. No one else on earth has your past, so no one else has your unique perspective. The circumstances we often consider to be our disqualifiers are actually what allow us to make impact and create change in the world.

“The Wheel of Life”, created by Tony Robbins, is a powerful tool to gain insight into your life’s fulfillment. This exercise allows you to compare the categories of fulfillment your life from a scale of 1-10, and see how balanced they are. A great wheel will be fairly equal.

What would it look like to have all categories at an 8, 9, or 10? This exercise helps you set goals and balance your life. It’s helpful to revisit once or twice a year, or however often you feel is helpful. It will help you create awareness, and even have a positive influence on your relationships.

Your past does not equal your future. Your future is unknown, but you can become more intuitive about your future by living intentionally. Your past is unique, and so is your future.


Download the Wheel of Life exercise


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