Feeling (and Looking) Better With BHRT in Detroit

How are you feeling today? When we ask that question at Beauty Culture, we truly want to know! So, before you answer with the usual “good” or “fine,” carefully consider how you really feel today. 

If you’re sleeping terribly, gaining weight, or just not feeling your best, your hormones may be to blame. To get back to feeling your best, let’s build your understanding of the benefits behind BHRT in Detroit!


Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is designed to optimize your natural processes by addressing hormonal imbalances that naturally happen over time. We highly recommend BHRT to many patients who come to us feeling anything but fine. Everyone’s body is unique, which is why we trust BHRT in Detroit.  


Your custom BHRT plan will include endogenous estrogens, testosterone, and progesterone in an oral, liposomal nanoparticle form. We trust this form because it has some of the highest bioavailability possible. That means more people than ever can truly benefit from BHRT.


As you consider the possible tracks for BHRT in Detroit, our specialists will explain how each hormone is helping your body. This is because our practice is devoted to doing hormone therapy the right way. We’re committed to building a culture of beauty around education and lifelong wellness. To empower your natural beauty with BHRT, we utilize thorough research and one of the most trusted brands in the advanced aesthetics industry.

The Science Behind BHRT

As we explore your options for BHRT in Detroit, we feel it’s important to explain how hormones work. Simply put, hormones send chemical signals throughout the body via a carefully networked system of glands and your bloodstream. The endocrine and exocrine systems work together to secrete and absorb hormones to keep your body operating effectively. 

These systems produce the essential hormones for healthy function every day. While this is a beautifully intricate and complex system, no system can stay perfect forever. To keep your natural processes functioning at their peak, we look to Quicksilver Scientific for proven formulas trusted by our specialists. 


You may have tried supplements to help with everything from sleep to your sex drive. But Quicksilver Scientific provides hormone balance supplements to go further than anything else available. They have formulations designed to address everything from low energy to heart and bone health!

Each of these products is designed with carefully compounded tonics to help relieve many of the common concerns associated with hormones. These compounds eliminate any confusion surrounding dosages and contents while allowing us to customize everyone’s plan to their exact concerns. Here’s how we use these products to build your plan with BHRT in Detroit:

Building Your Plan

Some of the most common symptoms we see every day center around energy, weight, and cognitive function. To design your plan, we’ll do a deep dive into your biology and your overall well-being. Don’t worry, this isn’t a test you have to study for! Our experts make in-depth consultations easy with advanced tools and personalized service.

Functional Testing

To get a clear understanding of your body’s current condition, we’ll complete a body composition assessment with the InBody 570. This is the industry gold standard to look into everything from fat and BMI to bone density and muscle mass. 

We use these initial findings—alongside a full panel lab draw—to build a clinical understanding of your hormone levels and how their effects resonate throughout your body. Hormones affect almost every process of your body, which is why this data is so important.

Personal Care

To us, data is just as important as your feelings, which is why we ask questions that your doctor may not think to ask. We’ll discuss your sleep patterns, your diet, and even your desire in the bedroom. So, it’s best to be as open and honest as possible in your consultation. After all, it’s your health that’s at stake!

Our Culture of Wellness

At Beauty Culture, we believe that looking your best is only possible when you feel your best! Our practice is excited to help everyone make total wellness a lifestyle with professional guidance and advanced treatments. To experience true, lasting beauty, it’s time to join our culture. Book your in-person consultation, or browse your options virtually to get started!

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