Aesthetic Injector

Rachel Robertson, RN BSN

Rachel has been a Registered Nurse since 2016, where she graduated top of her class. Her career as an Aesthetic Injector began in 2020, while coming to Beauty Culture in 2022.

Rachel was BC before she was BC, having taken two AMI Trainings with our very own Jessica Chrity, it was only natural for her to join our team. Rachel is known for her kneen artistic eye; she is able to blend Medicine, Science and the Arts through her work. Her upbeat personality coupled with her insane injectable skills, make her one of BC’s Top Providers. Rachel’s love of Aesthetic & Regenerative Medicine paired with her background in Acute Care is what elevates her assessment skills and utmost safety with her treatments. Rachel truly does it all, having her first son just a few short months ago, she is juggling Work/Mom life like a boss. When she isn’t making aesthetic dreams come true, you will find her hanging with her Husband, her pups and her beautiful baby boy.