Unfiltered Thoughts on Growth & Business with Dr. G

In this episode I’m sharing my conversation with Dr. Gretchen Frieling. As women who are focused on growth, we know the importance of getting in front of the right people and connecting face-to-face. Even just picking up the phone can go a long way.

Continuing your education can also open doors as you work to scale your business. It helps you figure out what direction you want to go in, and niche opportunities allow you to be very specific about what you’re aligned with. Remember that companies offering education always have an agenda, which is to get you to use their product.

It’s easy for aesthetic practices to grow, but it’s not always easy to get them to scale. If you’re one business and one brand, it’s important to streamline the experience for your patients so that they always know what to expect. From an SOP and complication management perspective, aligning everyone in your business is key.

So much can happen in your business if you’re willing to let go—and let the people who work for you showcase their unique abilities. Scaling provides an opportunity to fine-tune your business in so many different ways because it forces you to look at how you can do things better, from internal procedures to advertising.

Starting a business doesn’t automatically make you a leader, but it does give you the opportunity to become one. While it’s tempting to be overly flexible and friendly with your team, it doesn’t serve your growth. In fact, it could even backfire. The best thing you can do is incentivize your team to work towards a common goal transparently and equally.