Courtney Graves

Joining Beauty Culture in mid 2022, Courtney came to us with an enthusiastic attitude and the kindest heart; straight from Providence Park. It was no surprise that Courtney jumped right in and blended with our Team immediately; she was referred to Beauty Culture by our very own Lauren Littleton!

Courtney has a passion for people and it shines through in all she does; from assisting our Providers with patient care to performing treatments of her own; her love for an quality patient care and human connection set her above the rest. If her kindness and insane work ethic were not enough, Courtney is also finishing her Nurse Practitioner degree as well. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend Anthony and their sweet little pups, Blue & Bailey. She also loves having Family Nights with her Mom, Dad and two incredible sisters. To say that Courtney is a Beauty Culture blessing is a true understatement. Come see this shining star at your next visit!