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Get the Facts About Semaglutide in Detroit

With so much flying around about medical weight loss drugs lately, it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin! To set the record straight, Beauty Culture is tackling the biggest myths surrounding semaglutide in Detroit. Get the facts from our specialists and build your path to progress with our Cultured Wellness Program!   

Myth: You’ll Waste Away

One of the most common myths that makes us laugh out loud is that people using semaglutide in Detroit are wasting away! Let us be clear—loss of muscle mass and bone density is no laughing matter. Without adequate diet, exercise, and planning, weight loss medication can take a toll on your body. That’s why our Cultured Wellness program includes everything our patients need to stay healthy while losing weight. 

Fact: Good Habits Actually Build Muscle

Semaglutide alone is not a silver bullet to magically melt away fat. For healthy, sustainable weight loss, Beauty Culture has 6 non-negotiables our patients follow. 

  1. Be patient and anticipate plateaus.
  2. Get more than 100g of protein daily.
  3. Drink 60–80oz of water daily.
  4. Exercise with resistance training 4 to 5 days every week.
  5. Get NEAT with non-exercise activity thermogenesis mixed into your everyday routine. 
  6. Make sleep a priority.

These 6 habits keep the scales moving in the right direction while maintaining a healthy BMI. In our regular check-ins, it’s actually common to see muscle mass and bone density go up! That’s because semaglutide optimizes your calorie intake while our non-negotiables build healthy habits. This double threat helps you reach your ideal weight without feeling like you’re wasting away.

Myth: You Have to Starve Yourself to Lose Weight

The scariest myth surrounding semaglutide in Detroit is that starving yourself streamlines results. While semaglutide limits your appetite, starving yourself is downright dangerous! Your body needs calories for healthy function. That’s why Beauty Culture includes nutritional coaching in every Cultured Wellness program.


Fact: No One Starves With Us

At Beauty Culture, we provide personalized guidance on diet and nutrition. Every plan factors in your lifestyle, tastes, and goals as we build your ideal diet. Typical diet recommendations include a focus on protein while limiting carbs and unhealthy fats. By making healthy choices the norm, our patients enjoy lasting results, even if they stop using semaglutide! 

Myth: You Have to Stay on Semaglutide Forever

While some people use semaglutide regularly to manage their blood sugar, it’s not always necessary for lasting weight loss. Our 8-week program introduces our patients to the power of semaglutide in Detroit while promoting healthy habits. Following our initial plan, patients can forgo their weekly shot after they reach their target weight.  

Fact: Cultured Wellness Keeps the Weight Off

Our comprehensive Cultured Wellness programs are designed to promote sustainable weight loss. Since we don’t solely rely on semaglutide to reach your target weight, managing results is easy with ongoing support from our specialists. Our most successful weight loss stories come from people who actively make the switch to healthy habits and stick to them!

Myth: Semaglutide Can Lead to Nasty Side Effects

Some people may be hesitant to try semaglutide as they hear or read about all of the possible side effects. Like any drug, this medical weight loss solution may cause side effects. However, horror stories that talk about bloating, passing gas, and heartburn are well… bloated!  


Fact: Our Plans Mitigate Side Effects

Improper use of any medicine can result in significant side effects. That’s why proper dosage and lifestyle changes are so important! To mitigate any chances of a bad experience with semaglutide in Detroit, Cultured Wellness plans focus on education. Instead of simply giving advice and recommendations, we explain the implications of every aspect of your program. If necessary, our specialists can explore options if you experience side effects like nausea or dizziness.

Myth: It’s Expensive

This is one of the few myths surrounding semaglutide in Detroit that holds a shred of truth. Depending on the weight loss clinic you choose, injections can be pricey. However, as the global supply of semaglutide catches up to demand, these injections will become increasingly affordable. At Beauty Culture, we strive to keep professional-grade solutions accessible.

Fact: We Provide Weight Loss Within Reach

Our practice prides itself on keeping clinical-grade solutions reasonably priced. We keep semaglutide injections affordable due to our outcome-based pricing and flexible financing. As you complete the initial program, you’ll just need to pay for the injections to keep up on maintenance.

Build Your Cultured Wellness

Now that you’ve got the facts, are you ready to build your fully customized weight loss plan? To start your plan, we start with an in-depth conversation and a look into key biomarkers. Throughout your Cultured Wellness program, you’ll get access to professional advice and insights based on years of experience. Lasting, effective weight loss starts now!


In your consultation, we’ll help you decide if semaglutide in Detroit is right for you by getting to know you on the inside and out. Anyone can look at charts and data, but what sets Beauty Culture apart is our combination of personal service and professional care. Here’s how you can experience both in your consultation!


InBody Scan

With a complete InBody scan, we’ll measure key biomarkers that help us determine your composition and bone density. This gives us a starting point to build your comprehensive program. In less than an hour, your InBody analysis will help us build realistic goals with hard data to track your progress. We’ll correlate our findings with a full lab screening as well to ensure the most accurate data possible.

Nutrition Counseling

Every consultation involving semaglutide in our Detroit office includes a one-on-one session with our nutritionist. This is to build a diet plan that you’ll actually enjoy! We take the time to understand your specific preferences and create your unique diet. With a personalized diet plan and data to measure your progress, you’re ready to begin your Cultured Wellness journey!

Our Cultured Wellness Program

As you begin our 8-week program, you’ll be immersed in our culture of care with a lot more tools at your disposal than just semaglutide! Our unique program also includes B12 injections, IV therapy, and a secret weapon to manage those cravings! No matter what your goals are, Beauty Culture is here to help you reach them with these proven solutions.


You know the name, but do you know what semaglutide really is? These injections are clinically referred to as GLP-1 agonists. GLP-1 is a hormone that plays a huge role in 4 key aspects of weight loss. 


  • Blood Sugar

By optimizing your insulin production, your body processes food into energy efficiently.

  • Glucagon

Regulating glucagon production is crucial to maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

  • Digestion

Semaglutide slows down digestion to optimize the amount of sugar your body absorbs from food.

  • Satisfaction

GLP-1 controls how hungry you are and when you’re satisfied. Semaglutide lowers the threshold for satisfaction, so you’ll naturally eat less!

When your brain and body are balanced, great things happen. Semaglutide is how we put the balance in Cultured Balance. To empower this holistic balance, we include the following steps in every comprehensive weight loss plan:

Vitamin B12

Since a lot is changing in your body throughout this program, we include vitamin B12 injections. This vitamin is essential to healthy cells, nervous system function, and even the production of DNA! There are many uses for this powerful vitamin, but in our Cultured Wellness program, we trust it to maintain energy levels and reduce the risk of possible side effects.

IV Therapy

In our programs, we also include intravenous therapy to enhance nutrient absorption and support daily health. This therapy includes a customized cocktail of nutrients specifically designed to meet your individual needs. A standard plan includes two sessions; however, more can always be added as needed.

Diet Power Spray

Our secret weapon to keep you on track throughout your diet is our Diet Power from Sprayology. This homeopathic remedy is proven to balance metabolisms and relieve common symptoms associated with a reduction in food consumption. Not every day is easy while losing weight; that’s why we recommend this remedy to help you power through! 

Exercise Guidance

Throughout your program, we also recommend daily exercise routines that will pick up where dieting and injections leave off. Our advice focuses on easy aerobic exercises and resistance training to make a healthy, active lifestyle accessible to everyone! 

Your Partner for Results

Over your initial program, we’ll schedule regular appointments to check in, gather data, and fine-tune your treatments for the best results possible! While our Cultured Wellness program is designed to get results in just 8 weeks, patients don’t just ride off into the sunset after their final week! 

Jessica Christy, PA-C created Beauty Culture to introduce the Detroit area to a new level of personalized care. We’re proud to partner daily with hundreds of patients transforming their lives with semaglutide in Detroit. We provide ongoing guidance, advocacy, and top-shelf aesthetic treatments to help our patients live healthier, more beautiful lives!


Lighten Up!

With clinical insights and personalized care, it’s possible to lose weight and keep it off with Beauty Culture’s Cultured Balance program. To build your plan with our specialists, book your in-person consultation or contact our office! 

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