Our Mission

Beauty Culture MedSpa a full-service Medical Spa offering cutting edge non-surgical treatments and procedures to defy the effects of aging. We offer a comprehensive menu of services and specialize in consulting with our clients to customize treatments to achieve any aesthetic goal. Our name stems from our vibe, a culture revolving around all that is beautiful. Beauty not only resonates with what is aesthetically pleasing to our eye, but it encompasses a much deeper meaning.

The leaders at Beauty Culture MedSpa promote an environment of empowerment amongst our clients and friends. From the moment you walk through our doors, you feel the positive energy and synergy we’ve worked so hard to create. Aside from all of our technical excellence, we also stand apart because of our mission. Our team works alongside our clients to restore confidence by tweaking the flaws caused by aging.

Whether it’s an eye cream and a small amount of Botox or a comprehensive plan of laser resurfacing, filler, and Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) injections, let us help you look your best and boost your confidence to go slay!

We all have dreams, relationship goals, career aspirations, and hopes of being part of something we believe in. The women behind Beauty Culture MedSpa want to see you succeed all while looking and feeling your best! Our team is committed to working together to ensure an exceptional experience and satisfaction for our clients.

Jessica Christy
Founder & Owner

Jessica Christy, PA-C is an NCCPA Board Certified Michigan licensed Physician Assistant who specializes in cosmetic and aesthetic medicine. Her focus is on injectables, including neurotoxins and dermal fillers, and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. She has extensive knowledge in the specialties of plastic surgery and dermatology. Jessica and her team frequently attend aesthetic medicine symposiums to stay up to date with the most cutting edge treatments, offering an array of options for all client concerns.

Jessica is most passionate about helping her clients look like a more youthful version of themselves. Everyone deserves to look as good as they feel on the inside. The difference at Beauty Culture MedSpa is the time spent with our clients to adequately identify what concerns our clients have and develop a customized anti-aging plan.

Jessica has a true gift for being able to translate what a client wants to improve to what combination of treatments it will take to achieve individual goals. Her loyal following suggests she is able to deliver results!

Michelle Ketzler
Co-Founder, Lead Aesthetician

One of Beauty Culture MedSpa’s best assets is the fortune of having licensed medical aesthetician, Michelle Ketzler as our Lead Aesthetician. Her extensive experience in Plastic Surgery and Dermatology coupled with 12 years of extensive training with the Sciton Laser has set her apart. Because of her credible passion for healthy skin, Michelle has become a true “guru” and her results are being shared all over the world. Michelle has become the most in-demand aesthetician in the area, and after one consultation with her, a customized plan is confidently put into place.

Not only does she deliver the ultimate “Before & After”, she assuredly walks her clients through from beginning to end, coaching through the treatments, setting expectations for healing, and teaching clients how to use the right products to protect the investment made in new and improved skin! Her results speak for themselves, and she is loved by everyone who has had the pleasure of working with her!

Helping you look the age you feel.

Our team is committed to working together to ensure an exceptional experience and satisfaction for our clients.

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