Hormone Therapy in Detroit

Your Cultured Guide to Hormone Therapy

We all have days when we’re not feeling our best. But if you’ve been feeling foggy, fatigued, and fed up for the last few weeks or months, Beauty Culture is here to help! Our specialists recommend the most customizable hormone therapy in Detroit for many reasons. Dive in to discover what our BHRT program can do for you! 

Hormones at Work

Receptors and nerves form a superhighway in your body, connecting and controlling everything you do every day. From regulating hunger and sleep to influencing sex drive and cognition, hormones manage various internal processes to maintain their efficiency. If you’re feeling any of these typical symptoms, you may benefit from BHRT!

  • Tiredness/Fatigue
  • Stress Issues
  • Low Libido
  • Weight Concerns
  • Depression/Anxiety 

No matter which of these concerns you have, Beauty Culture offers customizable solutions for the best results possible. That’s where BHRT comes in! Our bioidentical hormone therapy in Detroit introduces additional natural hormones to your body to help you reach a cultured homeostasis.

A Cultured Approach to Hormone Therapy

Unlike costly, controversial surgeries and sketchy home remedies, our specialists trust proven oral supplements for an effective approach to hormone therapy in Detroit.


Before you can experience the benefits of BHRT, we’ll start your journey with a chat and a few tests. Using the InBody 570, we’ll complete a body composition assessment by measuring key biomarkers. We’ll also conduct a full panel lab draw to analyze key hemoglobin levels such as A1C. Alongside your current medical history, these details help our specialists recommend customized supplements and more in-depth options.



We offer customized supplement plans to help with everything from sleep to your sex drive. With Quicksilver Scientific, we provide hormone balance supplements that go further than anything else available. These formulations are designed to address everything from low energy to heart and bone health!

Our favorite formulas are compounded with tonics to help relieve many of the common concerns associated with hormones. These compounds eliminate any confusion surrounding dosages and contents while allowing us to customize everyone’s plan to their exact concerns.


Your Go-To for Hormone Therapy

If you’re going through life not feeling your best, it can be a lot harder than it has to be. That’s why Beauty Culture provides expertise and personalized approaches when we recommend hormone therapy for everyone in Detroit. Regardless of what you’re going through, your solution starts here with a simple conversation. 

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