HOCATT: Ultimate Biohacking for Health

We’ve covered biohacking before, but today we’re talking about something brand new: HOCATT. I was curious about this device for so long, and we recently added it to our practice. Since then, it has become a favorite of our clients.

HOCATT stands for hyperthermic ozone and carbonic acid transdermal technology. It’s a device that utilizes ozone therapy, and its individual components equip it to accomplish a lot of things all at once. One of the biggest things our clients have raved about is how it supports a reduction in pain relief.

There are many different places you can use ozone therapy (aside from breathing it in, which is not recommended). It’s great on your skin for wound healing, or even in your digestive tract for gut healing. You can also put it in your blood and place the blood back in your body, and you can ingest it or inject it.

It can help with sore muscles, circulation, immune system function, muscle relaxation, and more. In HOCATT, infrared heat is used to mimic a mild fever, which triggers your immune response. Carbonic acid is non-toxic, free of side effects, and it can be used to stimulate the release of more oxygen into the cells.

If you are dealing with pain, inflammation, or are looking to boost your full-body health, you should definitely try HOCATT. It has over 100 programs to support tissue regeneration, boost your immune systems, and support your central nervous system.