Functional Medicine in Detroit

The Function of Functional Medicine

At Beauty Culture we focus on a holistic approach to functional medicine in Detroit, but we don’t stop there! We believe that the function of functional medicine is to help people live life to the fullest. So what would you give for better sleep, improved mobility, and fewer days off? Just give our specialists a few minutes to share the true function of functional medicine.

Five Pillars of Functional

These pillars of functional medicine guide our practice as one of the most trusted providers in Detroit. Jessica Christy PA-C has spent years practicing and studying every treatment we offer at Beauty Culture. So here’s how functional medicine shapes the future of wellness in Detroit.

Root Cause

At the core of functional medicine, we go beyond treating just the symptoms of an illness. We believe that when you get to the heart of the matter, other symptoms naturally fade away faster. identify the underlying causes why someone might be experiencing health problems. Our approach involves looking at the following factors.

  • Genetics
  • Diet
  • Lifestyle Habits
  • Environmental Triggers 

Your Body is a System

Your body is a complex system where every part is interconnected. Think of functional medicine like a sweater. If you let snags go for too long, your sweater becomes a pile of yarn quickly! Our specialists know how to weave wellness into your daily life. By systematically improving your diet, activities, and biology, you’ll enjoy benefits for years to come!

Personalized Plans

Functional medicine takes a personalized approach to treatment. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution here! We customize our treatment plans  to address the individual’s unique needs and circumstances.


Preventative Measures

Our primary goal is preventing disease rather than just treating it after it occurs. This might involve lifestyle changes, stress management techniques, and dietary modifications. We go beyond conventional when it comes to personalized functional medicine in Detroit! As we prevent, we also partner with our patients throughout the healing process. No matter where you’re at in your journey, you can count on Beauty Culture to offer support and guidance whenever you need it.

Cultured Approaches for Personal Beauty

Beauty Culture’s approach is entirely based on the idea of better beauty from the inside out! That’s why Jessica Christy PA-C hand picks every treatment we offer in every customized plan. We understand that no two people are the same. We’re happy to provide the tools and guidance to maximize your wellness and unlock your natural beauty! It all starts with an easy, relaxed chat.

Your Consultation With Jess

In our office, you’ll find a relaxing, supportive environment. We’re focused on providing the best solutions for every patient. Throughout your initial chat with Jessica Christy or any of our experienced specialists, we’ll take your health beyond just what you can see on a chart. To do this, we’ll ask some unique questions providers rarely ask.

How do you feel?

We’re not here to help you feel “just fine”. That’s why it’s important to be honest with Beauty Culture! This is a great icebreaker and a clear indicator of your top concerns. So go ahead, let it all go. If you’re stressed, not sleeping well, or if you just want to keep feeling your best for years to come, we want to help you! 


What’s a typical day like?

No matter what you do for work, a typical week can seem like the longest 40 hours of your life! If your daily grind has become just that, functional medicine in Detroit may surprise you with how many ways it can help! From boosting your mood and cognition to improving mobility and energy levels, there are many ways we can help you find your groove on the clock.

What do you love to do off the clock?

Sometimes it’s hard to pursue your passions while balancing the weight of the world on your shoulders. Between work, family, and life, it’s important to make time for yourself as well! No matter how you fill your free time, our team is here to share guidance to make every moment count!

Jessica Christy balances her business, family, and ongoing learning with training, thought leadership, and collaboration throughout the wellness and aesthetics industry. So how does she keep up? By staying mindful, motivated, and setting aside time for herself, Jessica is living proof that functional medicine and mindfulness go hand in hand. 

If you could improve one thing, what would it be?

This is typically one of the hardest questions our patients answer in a consultation. It may be easy to focus on what’s on the surface. But we invite you to think deeper when considering functional medicine in Detroit. Regardless of your goals, Beauty Culture is here to show you the benefits of treating yourself right. 

Get Answers

We’re always happy to talk about your potential, but when it comes to making progress, our providers use everything we’ve learned about you to create your customized plan. While we can perform some of our treatments on the same day as your consultation, we recommend setting aside at least an hour of your day for your chat or treatment. Get the answers you need by booking your consultation about functional medicine in Detroit!

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Our Favorite Options

Now that you know what our approach to functional medicine in Detroit is all about, let’s discuss the most popular solutions Beauty Culture offers for many concerns! Our fan favorite options all focus on helping people feel better in so many ways. From hormone imbalances and weight concerns to healthy hydration and more! 


Beauty Culture’s first choice for BHRT is Quicksilver Scientific’s hormone balance system. This system is designed to improve hormone levels naturally through convenient, effective supplements. These revolutionary supplements include carefully compounded ingredients to relieve many of the common concerns associated with hormones. These compounds eliminate any confusion surrounding dosages and contents while allowing us to customize everyone’s plan to their exact concerns.

The Function of BHRT

By analyzing and optimizing your hormones, we’re solving the root causes of health problems. 

At Beauty Culture, every BHRT treatment is personalized to address your unique needs and hormone levels. By understanding how your body works as a system, we can use BHRT alongside other therapies, such as dietary changes and stress management. This is how we create an all-encompassing functional medicine plan in Detroit!

Cultured Balance

Our approach to functional medicine in Detroit addresses weight issues as a root cause of other health problems. Using Semaglutide, alongside coaching, and compounding treatments, Beauty Culture makes losing weight easier than ever before with our Cultured Balance program. 

We help our patients build better habits, learn about their bodies, and perform at home injections to help keep the weight off for good! But this marvelous medical weight loss solution doesn’t stop there!

Even if you haven’t been diagnosed with diabetes, we can assist in identifying and addressing blood sugar imbalances. Semaglutide is a popular tool used in functional medicine for regulating blood sugar and preventing future complications. When your body weight and blood sugar are in a healthy harmony, your overall wellbeing will improve immensely!


IV Drip Hydration

IV drips can deliver vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system. This can be beneficial for some patients who have difficulty absorbing nutrients orally due to digestive issues or who have a specific deficiency requiring a faster and more targeted approach.

Dehydration can contribute to various health problems. Patients who are chronically dehydrated or have difficulty absorbing fluids due to medical conditions or illness can benefit from IV hydration.

We can also create customized IV cocktails containing medications or supplements tailored to a patient’s specific needs. This might involve adding things like vitamin C for immune support or certain minerals to address electrolyte imbalances.

Here are some additional points to consider:Our specialists focus on identifying and addressing nutrient deficiencies that may be linked to health problems, providing targeted solutions.

As we use IV drips view them as a small tool within a broader treatment plan focused on addressing the root causes of health issues. One drip may cure a hangover, but it likely won’t be the sole solution in your completely personalized approach. Our ongoing support includes diet and lifestyle suggestions that compliment your treatments.


Beauty Culture ensures that all IV drips are supervised by qualified healthcare professionals. Proper planning avoids potential complications with medications. That’s why we pay close attention to your existing conditions before selecting your IV ingredients. Our providers enjoy the benefits of IV therapy ourselves! Here are a few of the most popular drips we trust:

While these options may seem like your shot at the total wellness of your dreams, you may be missing one key element without realizing it! Our final pillar of functional medicine in Detroit is all about the Culture of Desire.

Sexual Health

When’s the last time you turned things up from PG-13? The X-Factor in many lives in the Midwest is all about sexual wellness. We know how taboo it may seem, but we give you full permission to feel your true feelings for a minute… ready? 

Go with the O

When’s the last time you let out a true sigh of relief? You know the one. The one that makes you feel O so good. Whether it’s been a week, a month, or even a year, Beauty Culture is here for you. The O-Shot uses nutrient-rich platelets from your blood to boost your body’s own biology. This injection is proven to treat vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence, and encourage healthy tissue growth. These benefits contribute to a better orgasm and that sigh of relief everyone loves to hear. 


Give Wellness a Shot 

If you thought we leave the guys high and dry, think again! Functional medicine in Detroit is for everyone. So it’s no coincidence that Beauty Culture offers both the P-Shot and the O-Shot! The P-Shot works similarly to the O-Shot. But with one big difference in how the procedure is done. Both options keep Detroiters on their feet (and off of them) with the most customizable functional medicine and the most qualified providers. So dive deeper into the world of sexual wellness in our related read!

Our Culture of Desire

Functional Medicine Meets Advanced Aesthetics

There are many ways to improve the way you look, but what good is looking great without feeling your best? Our philosophy at Beauty Culture is always centered around doing what’s best for our patients both inside and out. So how can our functional medicine specialists in Detroit help you feel as great as you look? Find out by booking your appointment, or start right now with our virtual tool!

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